Financial Planning
What is Financial Planning?
Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. You need to understand that each life decision you make will affect different areas of your finances
Need for Financial Planning
Financial Planning allows you to reach a specific goal without compromising on your standard of living
The chances of meeting your financial goals increases as you work in a planned and systematic manner.
Absence of a social security network in India, makes the need for financial back up to cushion you against emergencies like a job loss or a an illness.
You need financial planning to mitigate the effect of inflation and taxes.
Financial Planning Process
Identifying your financial goals
Assessing your current financial situation
Formulating a plan to meet your financial goals
Implementing your plan
Monitoring your plan
Ways to achieve your Financial Goals
Protection of unforeseen events
Budgeting and monitoring your actual expenditure
Saving - risk free, except for inflation risk.
Investing – as opposed to saving, where there is some risk, but the returns would be higher
What we can do for you
We can offer a customized solution to meet your financial goals, after taking a holistic view of your current situation.
We will assist you in implementing your financial plan. This would include meeting your insurance needs, choosing the appropriate investment vehicle so as to meet your asset allocation, and any other action that would needed to be taken to meet your goals.
We would monitor your investments and advise you when to book out your profits or change your asset allocation.