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Productively investing your money to get you returns is equally important. Though the size of your household income matters your management of the money to meet your short-term obligations as well as long-term goals will determine how you live today and in the future. That's why taking control of your finances is so important
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The Norm
Too many people make their investment decisions based on what every one else is doing. They follow the crowd into the hottest sectors of the market, only to suffer the consequences when those sectors take a dive.
The Plan
There is a way to safeguard your financial future without worrying too much about where the market is heading. It's called planning and you do it all the time. You plan for a vacation; you plan for a wedding; you plan when you put a new addition on your home.
The Breakthrough
Yet, too often the most important plan is neglected - That is your plan for your financial future. A plan is simply a roadmap that shows where you are now, where you're going, and how best to get there. By putting your investment decisions into a larger perspective, a financial plan helps you avoid the trap of investing based on what other people are doing instead of what is best for you.
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